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HR & Crew - India

SM Iyer

Resident Director
SM Iyer leads the entire operations in India for ESM as well as the Executive Group of companies. An alumni of the prestigious DMET and a company veteran of over two decades, he is one of the rare marine engineers who chose to plunge into manning with full arms. Following successful completion of various roles within the Organisation, including as head of crewing in India, Mr. Iyer is overall in-charge of overseeing the Group operations in India dealing with technical, operation, manning as well as training.

Sumit Sahni 

Assistant Director
Sumit Sahni transitioned from sailing in managed ships to onshore operations with ESM. A passionate mariner, Sumit progressed from managing ESM Delhi as a Superintendent to taking charge as General Manager in the Mumbai office. In his current role he manages the manning operations of ESM India.