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HR & Crew - Singapore

Lancy D’Souza

Director, HR & Crew
Lancy Dsouza leads the HR & Crewing operations of Executive Ship Management, at its head office in Singapore. With a rich onshore experience of over two decades and a previous sailing experiences early in his marine career, Mr. Lancy is eminently suited to provide the interface between the ship owners, shore and the sailing teams of ESM, whilst effectively and expertly maneuvering operations enabling them to deliver the best. .

Anil Arora 

Assistant General Manager, Crewing
A bulk carrier specialist, Captain Anil Arora joined ESM managed vessel as a Chief Officer and eventually took over command as Master. Completing a five year sailing journey with the company, he moved onshore in Crewing at the Mumbai office. Building strong seafarer associations in manning operations for over a decade and a half, he has moved on to ESM’s corporate office in Singapore as Assistant General Manager, Crewing and continues to provide strong support to all stakeholders with his intricate knowledge and inherent temperament of manning.