ESM Silver Jubilee Press Release

10th May, 2023

Industry leaders have conveyed warm congratulatory messages to Executive Ship Management, paying tribute to the company as one of the best ship management company in the world during its silver jubilee celebrations.

With the thunderous beating of Japanese drums, Executive Ship Management Pte Ltd (ESM) ushered in the guests to its grand 25th anniversary celebrations on the evening of Friday, 05th May at the historical Fullerton Hotel in Singapore.

From a single ship manager in 1998, ESM has grown as a major player in the industry providing a range of maritime services as the Executive Group of companies. As part of backward integration of its ship management services, ESM added maritime training, ship repairs and supplies, maritime software development, and chartering services—all geared towards providing a unique value chain proposition to those ship owners looking for a comprehensive package of services with extra benefits of economies of scale.

Mr. Yukito Higaki, President of Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, in a video message stated, “Needless to say, Executive Group is one of the best ship managing company in the world. We, Shoei Kisen, have enjoyed close relationship with Executive Group since the company was set up in 1998 and even now, we’re taking joint crewing company since 2016.” The relationship between ESM and Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd started in 2000 and have been growing stronger since then.

Mr. Kondo Masato, President of Nisshin Kisen Co Ltd, congratulated ESM on its 25th Anniversary, “Executive has made big growth for these 25 years. I believe you will go forward more and succeed in more excellent progress.”

Mr. Shingo Matsumoto, Managing Director of Fuji Iron Works Co., Ltd, attested to ESM’s quality of service, “I have been very satisfied with the company’s high awareness of best maintenance, safe navigation, and the friendliness of the people I have worked with.”

Earlier, in an exclusive premier of the ESM corporate video, Mr. Mitsuhisa Matsumoto, owner and Managing Director of Marex Maritime who provided ESM its first chemical tanker for management in 1998, said “Unlike others, ESM trains its own crew in SIMS which I have seen at Mumbai and Lonavala and I am very happy at the quality of their crew. They have a strong technical and operations team at shore who manage the ships efficiently and cost effectively.”

Ms. Sikha Singh, Deputy CEO and Co-Founder said, “We value our employees, we value being grateful to our business partners, we value the rule and law of the land, we value friends and well-wishers who assisted us to be wherever we are today.”

Keeping in line with that spirit, stakeholders and business partners from across the industry with long years of business relationship with ESM were presented with an ESM plaque designed for the occasion.

Mr. B.S. Teeka, CEO and Founder succinctly put the way ahead for the company and said, “The maritime industry is now standing at the cusp of change in technology to keep pace with the environment and the need for the future of humanity on earth. The next 10 years will be critical. We are prepared to join in our hands in that effort - with like-minded entities. I consider, you all who are present here now are the like-minded people. We will bank upon you all to charter the future of ESM and the maritime industry as a whole with our joint contributions and collaborations”.

The event attended by around 200 guests and employees from across the world included a specially curated cultural programme comprising of Singapore’s first pop-rock string quartet, a melodious Chinese zither and flute performance, as well as an oriental fan dance and Indian classical dance fusion which kept the audience entertained and enthralled the entire evening.

About Us

Executive Ship Management ( has been preferred partners of discerning ship owners & industry leaders like Oil Majors BP & Trading giants, who believe in uncompromising quality, standards & professionalism. We create shared value additions for our stakeholders, in the most holistic and sustainable way.

Our World Class Maritime Institute in India, Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies (SIMS) ensures ESM ships are professionally managed by specially trained Officers & Crew. Each & every crew member boarding an ESM ship is recruited, trained & vetted by our in-house teams, thereby creating a growing pool of talented-trained seafarers in India, especially for highly specialized & technologically advanced vessels.

Being part of the Executive Group of Companies headquartered in Singapore, our seamless network of resource centers such as the recruitment offices, pre & post sea training facilities across India & worldwide operational support offices in Houston, Rotterdam and Tokyo, continue to incentivise the progress of the company.

The company has also heavily invested in advanced information technology & innovations in ship management to enhance knowledge & performance of its ship as well as shore staff. Upgrading solutions such as fleet management software (Phoenix), Electronic Performance Support System & Blended Learning are integral part of the holistic management solutions provided by the company which sets us apart from the rest.